So you want to increase sales and build your customer base, and you know that using the internet for all its worth will be the best way to do so. Because let’s face it – in today’s world generating leads online and doing it right is a great tactic for getting customers to not only buy what you’re selling but continue to be your customer for years to come.

But how can you use the internet to create online leads?

Good thing to note – this doesn’t involve intense email-blasts or pop-ups on your website. We also won’t encourage you to write 5 blogs a month.

In this post, we’ll outline five ways to generate a steady flow of online leads that won’t burst your budget or overwhelm potential customers.

We’ll go over smart, tactful ways to create a better online marketing presence for your brand, therefore growing your sales and overall interest to potential and repeat customers.


First and foremost, use email and use it wisely.

Email marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to gaining and retaining customers, making email a great way to generate leads online.

But we don’t want you to potentially spam your customer’s inbox with a daily barrage of emails.

Instead, use email wisely to create engaging, action-forming content and stories that go straight into your customer’s inbox.

Email marketing can come in a variety of formats and include a lot of different information. For example, you can promote a new product sending an informational email about said product that includes details of what the product is, why it’s awesome, and why the reader should “click for more information” – or even be prompted to purchase it!

Or maybe you’d like to promote an event like a speaking engagement or a workshop. You can create a teaser email with engaging copy or even a promotional video that will be sure to peak interest.

Creating a call to action within an email is another great way to get online leads. Prompting your customer to sign up for a newsletter or free webinar, or offer free shipping or a discounted price on a course are all great ways to not online peak the interest level of your customer, but also have them take a step further and do something.


Great content on your website is a no-brainer when it comes to generating online leads – and we don’t mean a lot of content – just great content.

Whether the copy on your page is well-written or your blog is full of facts, the quality – not quantity – of your content matters.

For example, instead of throwing together five or six small articles a month to post on your blog, try taking that same amount of time and energy to post one blog per month. Or perhaps even one every two months. Taking the time to research and write a great article full of helpful information in an engaging voice will not only increase your SEO results but will also keep readers on your page longer.

Writing great articles for your company’s website should include making sure the voice of the article is in line with your brand.

If for example, your business is a white water rafting tour company, then your brand’s voice – and the voice in your content – will probably be relaxed, conversational, and fun. If instead, your business is a design firm that sells furniture to corporate offices your voice might be a little more professional and clean.

You can even have a guest writer contribute to your blog every now and again. This will send a message to your customers that you have a network or community of other experts in your field. This can lead to a more trusting and loyal group of customers new and old.

Online Events

Another great way to generate leads online is to offer events online.

Whether you want to host a free webinar or paid instructional video, online events are a great way to attract new business.

Videos online can be a great way to tell customers more about the products or services you offer. You can also answer questions during a live webinar by offering polls or a dialogue box. There are a few different services you can find online to create the best possible webinar experience for you and your customers.

You can opt to use a service such as Google+ Hangouts to offer chat or video options for your online event.

Another great thing about offering online events is that you can promote these events through email, blog posts, and social media.

Social Media

Most every business today uses some form of social media. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook – just to name a few – are all great ways to create a community around your business and great ways to promote your brand.

As we mentioned, social media can be used to promote anything from a webinar to a new product release. Have you recently written a new blog post? Post the link to Facebook and Twitter! Have a product to sell? Post an image and description of it to Instagram. Then share that link on your other social media pages. Create a video of a workshop you’re offering and share it on Vimeo.

There are countless ways to use social media platforms to gain more leads online. Just be careful not to be too obnoxious about it. No one likes a spammy Twitter feed or 10 posts in a row on Instagram.

The best part of using social media is the networking factor. But it won’t happen without a little bit of work. You can’t just sign up for a Twitter account and expect to have 1,000 followers overnight because you posted a tweet about your new promotion.

But you can spend a little bit of time every week scouring the internet to make connections with potential customers and other folks in your field to build up your social network. Follow and comment on prospective customer’s Insta feeds. Retweet awesome posts by industry leaders. Mention your own favorite brands or your own customers. Create a hashtag.

Most importantly, be true to your brand by maintaining a voice that your customers trust.

Having a great social online presence will also have your best customers sharing your information within their networks, so be diligent about taking the time to create your brand and form these relationships online.


Advertising is the fastest way to immediately generate quality leads for your business.

While it may seem this is an easy route, you must learn how to do it well in order to be successful and get the leads you want over the long haul.

Part of advertising is drawing in the right audience. You need to understand who your audience is and target that demographic to get the customers you deserve.

Google Ads and Facebook offer easy ways to create ads for your business, big or small.

Creating a great ad that actually pushes your desired audience to act takes a few thoughtful tactics. You need to make sure that the ad you create is a good ad. Does it catch people’s attention? Is your message clear? Is the image associated with your ad one that makes people look twice? Do you ask people to make a decision about your product?

Knowing what you want and what you want others to do is key to creating a great ad that will help you generate leads.

And if you can’t quite get there on your own – hire someone to help! At Nitroworks Marketing, we can help your business grow through advertising online (and in other ways, too!). Feel free to contact us to get started with your free consultation and let’s work together to get more customers for your business!