“Boost Your Monthly Revenue 

In 90 Days. Guaranteed.”

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Learn How To Sell, Leverage Time With A Team, And Potentially x10 Your Monthly Revenue.

Have You Created Yourself Another “Job”?

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A Dedicated Team Is KEY To Financial Freedom.

The 90-Day Revenue Boost is an actionable training course designed to do two things: 1) dramatically increase your revenue through powerful sales techniques and 2) give you more freedom by building a sales team. You will be working with 10 highly motivated entrepreneurs* who think big and are ready to take their business to the next level.

-David Anderson, Sales Consultant & Founder of Nitroworks.

*We are only accepting 10 applicants (hustlers).

Are You Painstakingly Waiting For Your SEO To Kick In?

SEO is a longterm strategy that takes 6-12 months (if not longer) to get your business leads from the first page of the search engines. Take control of your business and get customers sooner.


Are You Patient Enough For Your Blog To Blow Up?

Even the best content marketing can take 1-2 years (if not more) to generate a serious amount of inbound leads. Inbound traffic takes time – and in the meantime, you need customers to grow your business!

Does it terrify you to call someone you’ve never spoken to?

Imagine if you had the courage to pick up the phone and call anyone in this world – people that can potentially change your business and life.


What You Get In This 90-Day Course

It Goes Beyond Education With ACTIONABLE STEPS To Drive Your Business Forward

  • Double your monthly revenue in 90 days
  • Bi-weekly LIVE video calls
  • 1 Weekly Challenge
  • Learn how to sell and close new customers
  • Discover the latest ways to prospect and get new leads
  • Your own personal sales consultant
  • Transform your business to a money-producing machine
  • Find out how to delegate your own sales team
  • Collaborate with a motivated team of 10 business owners
  • Login access to a private chat forum, includes training, Q&A, and collaboration

“David helped take my business from $2,000 /month to over $20,000 /month in 6 months. He is by far his weight in gold!”

-Carlos, Founder of Blu Bambu

Learn In 30 Days

Even the most introverted personality types can transform into a cold calling selling machine after these sales training modules.


Build In 60 Days

Make your product/service more “sellable” and build a sales system around it that generates more leads for your business.


Scale In 90 Days

Scale your new sales system and hire a sales team that’s motivated to bring in new customers to your business.

Meet Your Own Personal Sales Consultant

David Anderson

Get your own 1-on-1 sales consultant for your business when you sign up for the 90-Day Revenue Boost course.

David has over 12 years of sales experience, including door-to-door sales, cold calling, copywriting and several other sales tactics to bring in revenue. He has consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them grow their businesses.

If you’d like to get to know him or have any questions, send an email to david@nitroworksmarketing.com

Now Time To BOMBARD You With Testimonials

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FAQ (For The Skeptical Personality Types)

Why 90 days?

After consulting hundreds of business owners and getting life changing results, we found that 90 days is a realistic timeframe to properly train a company for sales.

What's your guarantee?

If you don’t make your money back within 90 days through my sales training, I will personally pay you back. My goal is to (at MINIMUM) double your revenue, if not more. So far my best results have been increasing a business’ revenue by x10.

How many people will be in this course?

For the next group, I will only accept only 10 motivated individuals.

When will the LIVE calls take place?

TBA. If you can’t make the date and time, don’t worry – all LIVE video calls with be recorded and saved for you to watch at your convenience.




Training Starts May 18, 2015