For any business in 2017, advertising is just as important as it ever was. Some businesses, especially smaller ones, may run on a “word of mouth” type of advertising. And for some businesses who are happy with where they stand and do not want to continue to reach new audiences, this may work. Let’s face it though – unless you don’t want to grow your business, you probably are in need of another way to reach more people.

For most businesses large or small, actively advertising your products or services is essential for business growth and for gaining new clients.

Unfortunately, advertising can come with a high price tag. On average, a 30-second television advertisement (a.k.a. commercial) can cost you more than $300,000 a pop. Popular magazine advertising is in the five-figure range, along with some email marketing campaigns.

And forget national newspapers, such as the New York Times. You’re going to spend over $1 million on a full-page ad. One million. That’s more than some very small businesses yearly sales!

So how can a business – especially a smaller one – in 2017 afford advertising that actually works?

One word: Facebook.

If you aren’t familiar, Facebook offers advertising services.

Utilizing Facebook advertising can not only save you loads of cash but can also reach the best audience for bringing in more business.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the benefits of Facebook advertising, which will equip you with the facts to try this form of social media advertising for yourself.

The Costs

As we’ve already discussed, advertising on Facebook can cost you amazingly less than most other major forms of advertising that exist. For example, you might spend anywhere from $3-$5 to reach more than 1,000 different people using Facebook advertising. This is compared to spending a lot more dough to reach the same amount of viewers (think more than $300 per 1,000 people) for something like a television advertisement.

By using Facebook advertising, you will save money and you will make money because advertising on Facebook not only costs pennies compared to other forms of advertising but also directly targets to the exact people you want to target.

Targeted Audience

By using Facebook advertising tools, you can market to a very specific demographic. For example, if you’re selling wine or wine club memberships you can use Facebook advertising to target certain groups of people within a certain age range or who live in a certain part of the country who have listed wine as an interest or have recently searched the web for fine dining restaurants or wine tastings in your area. Your ads can then target these people, and if you post an ad for your new deal on a wine club membership, you are more likely to have some hits.

Basically, you can set your ads to target people who you think will want your product based on their age, gender, hometown, interests, jobs, and even their other connections on Facebook. As opposed to paying for a billboard on the side of a highway, where targeting in this way just doesn’t compare, you’ll save loads of money and reach people much more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Facebook advertising even taps into online purchasing to push your ads their way.

This is called retargeting – if users have visited your website before for camping gear but didn’t make a purchase the first time, you can set up your website to “track” users, so to speak, so that your Facebook ads reach them the next time they’re browsing their Facebook feed. This sends them a reminder that the camping tent they were looking at is still waiting to be purchased for their next camping trip.

To say the least, you’re going to reach a lot more people and the exact groups of people you want to reach when you use Facebook advertising for your business.

Social Media

Because social media is so widely used, anyone using Facebook can be a potential new customer. More than 2 billion – yes, billion – people are Facebook users and more than 1 billion of those users log in each day. Over half of these people log in solely on their smartphone or other mobile device.

To say the least, the potential audience for your business is staggering and knowing that you can target exactly who you want is key to generating more leads and gaining more customers.

Spending even $50-100 per month on advertising through Facebook has the potential of reaching so many people that you are almost guaranteed to earn that money back and make a profit.

Easy to Use

Facebook advertising is not only great because it’s cheap and reaches a wide audience, but it’s also very easy to use. With a few minutes out of your day, you can set up your very first advertising campaign by creating a simple ad using their tools.

Facebook offers an ads management tool that helps you navigate their advertising world to help you make basic ads. You can even use this tool via the Facebook ads app so that you can make adjustments to your advertising campaigns when away from your desk.

Increases Brand Awareness

Facebook advertising can help increase your brand’s awareness. Whether or not all of the people who see your ads are following through by clicking them and visiting your website, your ads will display so many times that they will begin to see your business as a trusted brand. The more familiar folks become with your brand, the more likely they are to become a new customer.

More Website Hits

Obviously, more outreach and more direct advertising can lead to more hits on your website. What’s not to love about an inexpensive and direct form of advertising that helps you pay for that advertising three-fold? Visitors who click on your Facebook ads can be sent directly to your website and even directly to the product they saw in the ad – so they can put it into their online shopping cart!


In conclusion, it’s easy and cost-effective to use Facebook for advertising your business or products. You can get set up with a new ad campaign in under an hour and for less than $10, and you can reach the exact demographics you want to reach – which will lead to more revenue for your business!

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