Cade Fit founded in September 2013 by Brian Robert Cade is based in Yorktown, VA. Brian saw how strength training helped achieve his goals in the life, and wanted others to help others to achieve goals.

In just over three years, the business has gone well but he realizing he could do more has differentiated himself by including life and success coaching in addition to strength training.

The reason he shifted into the life and success coaching was because he saw students not being able to get past their perceived limitations in order to reach their goals.

Two inspirational phrases Cade Fit live by:

  • To empower people to live their best lives through fitness and personal development
  • Once you get stronger, life gets easier (not just physical strength)

If you start chatting to Brian about A New Earth or The Untethered Soul good luck trying to get him to stop talking about it. With a future goal to create a training center for mental, emotional and physical self as no books, courses or programs can replace in-person training.

Brian hasn’t had it easy in starting up Cade Fit as a trainer working in multiple gyms to get started. He’s certainly not the only one who has started from the perceived bottom up. The traits that have helped Brian get to this point are his inquisitive nature and natural curiosity.
Cade Fit is continuing to build on its current spot in the market with it’s attention to detail focusing on the quality of movement. The emphasis of movement is crucial without losing site of the strength gains. On top of all this is the natural implementation of including life and success coaching to speed up improvement.

Cade Fit focuses on a smaller number of clients as a result of the life and success coaching. For the life and success coaching aspect to be successful, the clients need to be able to open up to the trainers on a more personal basis to be effective.

Cade Fit Packages

Cade Fit break there packages down to their ‘basic’ Cade Fit VIP package, the Cade Fit Elite and High-Performance Coaching. Each program involves you going through an application process to ensure both the trainee and Cade Fit are a good fit (pun intended).

To give you an idea of what the VIP package includes:

12 Weeks Unlimited Personal Training Sessions, Diet Success List, Unshakeable Self-Confidence, 24/7 Support access through CadeFit VIP Trans Team and Success snowball accountability.

If you are looking into getting started with Brian and the team you’ll find them at 301 Village Ave, Yorktown, VA. Check out their website, and you can reach them via and 757-813-4382.