Who is Our Client of the Week, Convert ROI?

Convert ROI is the invention of online marketing and optimization expert, speaker, and Facebook ad-extraordinaire David Schloss, who is changing the way businesses increase their revenue with social marketing strategies.

In January 2011, David started Convert ROI with about $1,000 and his laptop. His business goal? To learn as much as possible about SEO, social media tactics, and online marketing tools to help businesses grow.

With a little bit of startup and a lot of hard work and hustle, David has grown his own business exponentially and works with over 100 clients on generating revenue for their particular business endeavors.

One great thing about David?

He’s continually committed to learning and keeping up with the latest in online marketing strategies and genuinely wants to help you succeed in accomplishing your business goals. And the hustle? He’s still got it.

Marketing Plans

David wants to know: what are your business goals? Do you have holes in your current marketing plan? Do you have a plan at all?

Regardless of your current situation, working with Convert ROI will get you on the right path toward a rewarding online marketing strategy.

David is committed to the success of your goals by creating smart campaigns that are easy to follow. He wants to truly understand what you do and what you hope to accomplish so that he can create for you the best social marketing campaign possible.

Focused on Increasing Revenue with Facebook Ad Services

David Schloss has become a leader in the space of generating revenue through Facebook ad services.

His secret? We can’t tell you that – but he’s spent hundreds of hours researching, learning, and testing strategies to learn the absolute best ways to increase your return on investment when it comes to Facebook advertising. David also works in many other social avenues and can help you generate income via advertising through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

David can assist you with managing your Facebook ads and products to help grow your business quickly, regardless the size of your ad campaign.

Client Praise

David’s clients are not only pleased with their results but are blown away by the increase in their revenue. In some cases, David has helped clients make an ROI of over 200 or 300% back on their advertising!

Clients who work with Convert ROI are pleased not only with the tangible success they see while working with David, but also by David’s professional work ethic, commitment, and invaluable guidance to get real results.

Visit his Testimonials page and see for yourself what folks are saying.

How to Contact

You can find out more about Convert ROI online at www.convertroi.com and connect with David by sending him a message. Make sure to watch the video on his Contact page and write him a detailed message on what you do and what your goals are so that he can better know how to help you succeed.

He will contact you to schedule a free consultation phone call to see how you can work together on your social marketing goals.

You can also (obviously) find Convert ROI on Facebook and Instagram.