Lose The Leash is a dog training company run by Rob and Erin Jewell in the East Valley Phoenix region. Both Rob and Erin are award winning trainers who have worked with a variety of animals at San Diego Zoo, U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program, and pets they’ve been introduced to at the vets over the last 20 years.

Their mission is to assist owners to connect with their dogs on a deeper level to enjoy lifelong happiness together.

Their motto they think of daily?

“Happy and Confident Dogs and Happy and Satisfied Clients”

Many of their clients are worried any effort they put into their dog training will go out the window when there are everyday distractions around. Think kids, dogs, birds etc.

Erin and Rob are confident in what they do and shows in the way they don’t do quotes over the phone. They’d rather meet you and your dog face to face with a free in-home consult where a level of trust is built from the first day.

This enables both parties to design a plan in advance so both parties can know what to expect with a customized solution based on the type of dog you have, behavioral tendencies, your lifestyle and long term goals.

A few of the different packages they offer are:

“Board & Train Bootcamps”

This is their premier package with a mixture of private classes and access to group classes for a year.

The 14 days package starts from $2,495 and the 7-day package $1,895.

“Ultimate Unlimited Obedience”

This again a mix of private and group classes on a less intense schedule starting from $1,045.

“Complete Private Obedience”

For those who prefer private classes only, packages start from $745.

All packages include a Dogtra I.Q. collar and cot. If you’ve got more than one dog, each additional dog will cost ~50% extra.


A quick look over on their Yelp page show’s awesome feedback with detailed results.

  • Rob helped Gidget, a dog who was a basket case as a puppy, learn to adhere to the call ‘come’ after years of ignoring his owners before Rob stepped in.
  • Rob helped the owners who adopted a German Shepard who came to them with bad habits already formed. The German Shepard is now an awesome dog listening to all commands from his grateful owners.

Find Them On The Web

If you’d like to follow Rob and Erin online, head over to their Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to schedule a free in-home dog training consultation in their serviced area, check out the Lose The Leash website.

We’ll finish off our look at Rob and Erin’s business with one of their favorite quotes:

“Don’t count the things you do, do the things that count.” –Zig Zigler