I didn’t even hit the 5th grade in elementary school when I started my first website AND made money from it (not meaning to).

One summer day my dad had an IBM laptop sitting on his desk. This was back when we had AOL dial-up – remember that loud, pesky dial-up sound? I remember eagerly waiting to login and check who’s screen names were logged in and ready to chat.

At this age of my life, I admittedly enjoyed the fad, Pokemon. I would join forums and network with other fans. Some of them had their own websites. So I stumbled across a web page builder and for some reason decide to start my own. Next thing you know, I wrote stories, gave away free gifs of Pokemon, and signed up my website on the search engines (all the traditional things you need to do for a successful online business today). This was before the infamous Google.

After a few weeks of playing around with my website, one of the kids I chatted with online told me you could get paid for throwing up display banner ads on your website. Back then you’d get 10 cents a click when you signed up with an affiliate banner company. So without hesitation, we signed up with the banner ad companies and started posting their ads on our site.

This is just one of the MANY ways to make an income online. And I figured it out before going into 5th grade.

Now I probably made less than $100 that summer… but, I wasn’t even doing it to try to make money. Just goofing and playing around on the web.

A prime example of follow your passions and the money will follow.

Growing Up… Kind of

Fast forward several years later – I went through college and have started multiple part-time businesses ranging from drive-to-your-home car detailing to iPhone repairs.

Now I work full-time in online marketing through Nitroworks.

My vision since starting Nitroworks was to help business owners grow through their online presence. The reason I chose this path was because I love talking with entrepreneurs and hearing their stories. The mindset and determination it takes to become successful in your own business fascinates me – it’s motivating and inspiring. There’s just something about starting something from nothing that amazes me.

Create. And you can do the same.

Because I’ve seen the power of internet marketing at such a young age, I knew it would be a great business to start. I can get involved with all kinds of entrepreneurs and add a piece of the puzzle to their plan.

Get Your Own Piece of the Online Pie

If you’re truly passionate about making an income online or delivering a better presence through your local business, there’s no reason you can’t do it. Not in this day in age.

That’s why I started offering free one on one calls – to help you take your business to the next level.

This helps me continue my experience and to get to know you and my customers better  – click here to book a call.

Now that you know a little about my vision, I look forward to learning about yours.