Preferred Safety is a company striving to keep everyone safe in the workplace without compromising functionality. Preferred Safety is based out of Colorado where many of their clients are but they also serve clients around the world who are seeking leading safety solutions.

They do have their own line of products created with over 200 available online but they do recommend other products based on what is needed and the variables existing.

Selling products is the easiest way for them to generate revenue with minimal effort but they want to help educate the workplace, increasing level of safety in all industries The do this by providing custom solutions and safety talks.

Engaging Safety Talks

If you’re an employer, it’s cool to be able to harp on about safety protocols, but in reality, you aren’t an expert. Preferred Safety employees are able to come in and talk to your employees directly about creating a safety minded culture.

The talks aren’t dry as they’re kept informal and everyone will get a chance to participate rather than being lulled into sleep. At the end of the chat (customized for your business), all hazards will be identified and improved practices will be ready to be implemented in your workplace.

Custom Solutions For Your Workplace

When you’re preparing for a new task, going through the safety planning will create unique experiences. The team at Preferred Safety love this challenge and appreciate your situations is unique. The more variables and challenges you add the more they excel in providing creative safety solutions without compromising safety standards.

They describe a situation on their website that seems absurd. The City Port Authority had 100,000 people passing below a skylight being built out of glass and steel. That’s pretty intimidating, but six months later the project was completed with no harm done.

A Look At Their Products

There’s always a need to find the balance between price, trustworthiness, and practicality with safety equipment. Preferred Safety identified that not every piece of safety gear does everything you want in every situation. At best, they believe you can get an 80 – 90% great fit.

On their site, you’ll find over 200 products. That doesn’t mean they’ll try and sell you their gear constantly. If they know another company makes a product to solve your problem, they’ll let you know what options you have. This may hurt them in the short term, but safety isn’t worth taking short cuts with and if they can build your trust in the long run, everyone wins.

Find Them On The Web

Preferred Safety focuses on what they’re good at providing safety advice and products so they aren’t spending time on social media. If you want to get in touch with them, head to their website or call them on 800.301.3188